2003 Suzuki XL-7

Great car, very reliable. I've put 123,000 miles on mine and the only thing I've replaced other than battery, brakes, and tires are a relay for the A/C (~$20) and the O2 sensor ($50).
The O2 sensor was a tough job because the sensor is tucked away behind the exhaust manifold and the plug is hidden behind the engine.



O2 sensor replacement,
Bank 1,
Sensor 1 driver's side
Yep, the O2 sensor is back there. I found it easiest (and possible) to get at it from the top. Throw some towels across the engine and place a crate by the wheel and climb in. The transmission dipstick tube will move some to give you room around it. To disconnect the O2 sensor's wiring plug, I first took off the bracket holding it and a couple other wiring looms. 10mm wrench is needed, and I cut the plastic tie holding the other wiring bundle to the bracket. There is one wiring plug that pops off easily, and our O2 plug should slide off, but I had to break mine loose. The plug was undamaged but I will need to zip tie it to something upon reassembly. I did not replace the bracket.

With the O2 plug loose from the bracket, you can actually see it. There is a single tab you need to pull slightly away from the body of the plug to disconnect it.  You don't need to pry with Olympic force, it should require a medium amount of effort. Very important: be sure to push the plug together first (like you would if you were connecting it), before prying the tab back with your thumbnail while pulling on the plug. When I did that, it came apart with ease.


With the wiring plug disconnect, time to remove the O2 sensor itself. It's not hard to reach but there isn't much room to turn a wrench. I used my Suzuki motorcycle tools to get it loose, slipping the 22mm closed end wrench over the wires and then sliding the handle over it. Came off nicely.




The Bosch universal O2 sensor has a plug to assemble, it's not as hard as it looks but it did prevent using my Suzuki 22mm closed end wrench to tighten the sensor. I was able to get it tight with a box end wrench.

BOSCH Part # 15730 {Oxygen Sensor - Universal Type - Upstream Sensor}
4 Wire; Heated; Check / Replace Interval: 100,000 Miles







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